• What's the easiest way to charge a healing crystal?

    Charging a crystal translates to powering or syncing the energy of the crystal to help you manifest your own desires.

    For anyone to charge a crystal, first you’ve to create a bond with the crystal, especially if it’s a new crystal by spending time with it. You can carry it in your pocket or purse like I do after cleansing it. 

    After that, charging a crystal is easy. But first, you’ve to understand what’s the most comfortable ritual you’re good with. For instance, some people find it easy to meditate or chant affirmations but some others find tapping with a crystal wand such as clear quartz or smudging for a minute with sage easier. 

    Crystal grids are another way to do a long session of charging by setting it untouched for a month with helper crystals. Some people even love to take a long time to do deep charging by burying crystals in their garden soil. Earth is the best way to charge the stone and themselves during this time. It can ground you and the soil!

    So what’s your pick? Share it below so that we can get to know new ones. If you want to glance through a long list of ways to charge healing crystals, our list of 20 with stepwise guides for each option will give you all you seek! 

    My personal favorite is with Tibetan Singing bowls. Never done that? It’s a sound-based charging technique that’s easy and aura-cleansing for the doer too. Here’s an article to help you learn all about that!

    Love and light to you and yours until next time!

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